We offer material safety data sheets (MSDS) and GHS classifications from various manufacturers – easy to access and quickly to browse through.

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Material safety data sheets

and GHS classifications from manufacturer like Acros, Alfa Aesar, Applichem, Air Liquide, Bernd Kraft, Biochrome, Bode, Caelo, Carl+Roth, Du Pont, Ecolab, Fisher, Maybridge, Merck, Praxair, Serva, Sigma Aldrich, Strem Chemicals, TCI, Westfalen,...

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Material-safety-data sheets and GHS classifications of different manufacturers simple query via one portal. No more time-consuming search on different pages necessary.

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„We, Health and Safety Officers at Abbot use your database frequently. By the way a great database.“

N.N., Abott Laboratories, Ludwigshafen

„I use it regularly and recommend it to anyone who has to deal with hazardous substances.“

Martin Postner, University Regensburg

„The reference to save us a expensive safety data sheet management system“

Klaus Jenne, Safety engineer, University Medical Center Freiburg

„While updating a list of hazardous substances euSDB was helpful. Who needs quickly and safely hazardous material data will be well served.“

Klaus Haberstroh, Boehringer Ingelheim (Biberach)

„The euSDB database is a valuable help when dealing with hazardous substances. For DSM Nutritional Products a frequently and appreciated used tool.“

Dr. Heike Troll, DSM Nutritional Products

„Access to euSDB is a great help in my daily work.“

Eckhard Rumler, Arevipharma GmbH, De-Radebeul